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Pricing Calculator for Website Designers
  • Pricing Calculator for Website Designers


    Launched your exciting new website design studio but don't know where to start with pricing? Look not further! Learn how to price your services for success. With this easy pricing calculator you will set your revenue goals, take care of your costs, and come out with the perfect pricing for your web design packages. Price up to 4 packages!

    • Format

      Downloadable spreadsheet. Can be opened with Excel or Google Sheets.

    • What does this spreadsheet do?

      Tons! It can assist you in pricing your first Website Design packages in the following ways:

      • Prices your services according to your revenue goals
      • Includes fully automated formulas that ensure you price your packages for profit
      • Calculates your monthly working hours
      • Takes into account time off and time spent building your business
      • Forecasts how many packages you'll need to sell to meet your goals
      • Takes the stress and overwhelm out of pricing your website design services
    • Is this right for me?

      This is right for you if you are a website designer and would like to take the guesswork out of pricing your services.

      • The packages are specific to website designers and include options for mood boards, wire frames, revisions and so much more
      • It will allow you to tailor your pricing for up to 4 packages
      • And will calculate a profitable price point for you for each package.
    • FAQ

      The boring stuff:

      • Instructions are included with purchase
      • Due to the nature of the product being downloable, once purchased, it cannot be refunded
      • No customization support is offered for this spreadsheet, for personalised pricing please visit our services page.
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