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The Freelancer Pricing Calculator

An all-in-one digital pricing template for a freelancer in their first year of business, or an existing freelancer looking to review their pricing. Get your digital copy today!

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About the Calculator

The Freelancer Pricing Calculator is an Excel template that was created for freelancers who want to launch or grow a successful service business but are not sure how to price their services. 

The goal of this template is to help you come up with your first service price or review your existing pricing. Price up to 4 services with this template!

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How it Works

Step 1

Start by setting your revenue goals

Step 4

Decide on your service packages

Step 2

Decide how many hours to work and take off

Step 5

Voila! There's your price!

Step 3

Add in your business costs

About the Author

Tamara has been building pricing strategies since 2015 across industries ranging from SaaS to ecommerce to AI. She has worked with dozens of freelancers to help them build sustainable, growth focused pricing strategies.

With a Masters in Finance and an Undergraduate in Psychology, she understands that right mix of numbers and psychology that'll get you to a successful strategy.



All your questions answered

What do I get?

A fully customable Excel template complete with instructions.

Do I need Excel?

I have multiple services, will this work?

What's the output, my perfect price?

Yes you will need Excel to be able to use the template.

Yes, you can price up to 4 service packages with this template.

The output is the minimum price you need to charge for each one of your services to meet your business goals.

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